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Our Facilities


Our Facilities
Single Room
Deluxe Room
Common Ward
Daily routine
House Keeping Department


House Keeping Dept


Hospital housekeepers gather, wash and iron dirty bed linens, scrubs and gowns on a daily basis. Housekeepers are also responsible for inspecting linens for wear and tear, mending them when possible and discarding them when they can't be mended.

Facilities Covered

Hospital housekeepers clean all parts of the hospital, including waiting areas, staff areas, examination rooms, wards, diagnostic testing rooms and operating rooms. Housekeepers are responsible for mopping floors, sterilizing surfaces and cleaning windows.

Patient Rooms

In patient rooms, hospital housekeepers clean bathrooms, change bed linens, clean floors, dust surfaces and wash windows. When a patient is moved from the room, the hospital housekeeping staff sanitizes the room with specialized cleaning agents and prepares it for the next patient.


Hospital housekeepers empty garbage cans and dispose of trash in Dumpsters. They are responsible for attending to recyclables according to the hospital's regulations and properly disposing medical waste.


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