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Our Facilities


Our Facilities
Single Room
Deluxe Room
Common Ward
Daily routine
House Keeping Department


Daily routine

There is a busy daily ward routine cleaning. You may find you are woken earlier than you are used to at home. The hospital day involves patients receiving medication or needing their blood pressure or temperature taken, often in the early morning. When it comes to settling down at night it is likely to be earlier than at home, as many patients feel particularly tired at the end of the day and want to settle early.

Infection control and cleanliness

A dedicated team of Infection Control Nurses and doctors at the Rosemary Mission Hospitals give advice on minimising the risks of infection occurring in individual patients, and on preventing the spread of infection between them. A really simple – but effective – method we follow in Rosemary
Mission Hospitals to prevent infection is good hand hygiene . Effective hand hygiene can prevent the transfer of infection from one patient to another; alcohol rub gel can be found at bedsides as well as at the entrance to the wards and staff should have their own dispenser. We encourage all healthcare workers to clean their hands before carrying out any care.


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